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Friday, October 20, 2017

October odds and ends

The first annual Fall Family Fun Night held on Thursday at Brookside Park had a large attendance. The hay rides were very popular.
 There were pumpkins to carve.
And a large fire to enjoy. I missed the Riley Read part of the event.
 Other things happening: The north end of Elza Street is being widened by four feet. After the new strip of street and the parking lot for the apartments are paved, the apartments will be ready to rent. The City wanted the developer to widen the street and also to put in drainage along it.
 There is new sidewalk along College next to the Monnett Park property. The old sidewalk was in very bad shape. Several locust trees have also been planted along the sidewalk, the work of the Rensselaer Urban Forest Council.
The ends of the walkway through Milroy Park have also been finished, though some asphalt needs to be added to the streets to complete the work.

The SJC sale is in its final days. The last day is supposed to be next Tuesday. Currently most of the items are 50% off.

I drove US 24 though Remington on Thursday and noticed that construction of  the Pilot Travel Center at the I-65 interchange is underway.  The weather seems ideal for field work but most crops are still not harvested. The elevators are open late.

In Wednesday's Rensselaer Republican Caitlin Sievers announced that she would be leaving the paper and wrote about what she learned in her two years here. Her article is on the editorial page.

The Rensselaer Police Department announced that the group that has been working with Teen Challenge to develop some kind of facility to deal with the opioid epidemic has leased a property. The group that is doing the lease has a name, the Jasper County Recovery House Board.

Finally, the RCHS History Club is presenting a Haunted Rensselaer Ghost Tour on October 27. Tours will be at 7:00 and 10:00 pm and tickets are available at the RCHS front office, adults $9 and students $7.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pouring concrete for the bridge and a funny e-mail

Tuesday morning the cement trucks started arriving for the Washington Street Bridge pour. By about 10:30 half the bridge was finished.
 When I arrived there were no concrete trucks, but in a few minutes three arrived. The guys in the hard hats are state employees who take samples of the concrete so they can test it back at the lab.
 The concrete goes up through the pipes and then is poured out onto the bridge. The boom was controlled by a man with a portable console who was standing along the side of the bridge. The yellow boom had a machine that you can see in the middle of the picture below that smoothed the concrete.
 By one o'clock they had finished pouring the concrete and were cleaning up. There is still some rebar showing along the edges and that will probably be for the rail and the sidewalks, so there is still some more concrete needed. And the bridge approaches are totally unfinished.
This morning I got a letter from Bernie Madoff telling me he was going to make me rich. Here is the letter:

Hello Dear

I am Bernie Madoff the founder of wall street firm Bernard L. Madoff investment securities LLC in 1960 and was the former chairman of NASDAQ. I was accused of fraud worth over $65 billion dollars and was arrested on Dec 11,2008 and on march 12,2009.I pleaded guilty to 11 federal crimes and admitted to operated the largest ponzi scheme in history, I am currently in Butner federal prison outside Durham, North Carolina, serving a 150-year sentence, I regret a lot of my mistakes and I want to make amends with the remaining days i have left, giving the people back what I stole from them.

Let me not go into many details. I have Millions of Euros in offshore financial house, This money nobody knows about it except my bank officers because the money was deposited under serial codes. I need your help right now not only to reinvest the money.50% will go to charity and 20% will be mapped out for the promotion of gospel and building of churches and mosques all over the world and 25% for you while 4% goes to the bank officials who will help you facilitate the transaction and 1% for my up keeping in the prison and I know that I will die soon because of my heart attack and kidney cancer. Ruth my wife will not come and visit or talk to me my two sons, Mark committed suicide in 2010, and Andrew died of cancer in 2014. I want to die knowing that i have touch life and make a difference please I want this business to be completed as soon as possible.

Kind respect
Bernie Madoff

It was in my spam folder and I rarely look at stuff there, but I was curious when I saw the name. It is the funniest example of the Nigerian Scam that I have ever seen. Unfortunately there probably are people stupid enough (and dishonest enough) to fall for this.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Art show, decorations, sale, and bridge (updated)

The current show at the Fendig Gallery is the annual themed exhibit, with the theme this year of "Shadows. The exhibit runs through November 3. The exhibit also features some works from early members of the Jasper County Art League, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.

I thought this was a cute take on the theme of the show.
 I liked this picture but could not figure out where the shadows were.
 A different sort of decoration is popping up around town--it is time for Halloween decorations.
 Zombies are threatening for this yard.
 The SJC sale is still at 40% off and there are signs hung from the rafters that everything must go.
 New since I was there last are a table of microscopes.
 Also from some science lab or store room are collections of insects.
 It appears that the rebar has been installed on the bridge.
A strange looking mechanism that somehow helps place the concrete was being assembled on Monday morning.
Update: Below is the mechanism in place, ready to start receiving concrete. The picture is from late in the afternoon on Monday.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A bit of business news

Several new businesses have popped up in Rensselaer in the past few weeks or months. In the back part of the Horton Building, where businesses tend not to last, Another Chance is temporary by design. The lady is selling her excess collection and plans to be there only four months. (The Rensselaer Republican had an article about her business and plans a week or two ago.)
She has a lot of stuff.
There is a new business in the back end of Charlie Roberts.  The name has a z but the website uses an s. I did not get to talk to them but they do a variety of home repairs.
E-ZEA Auto Center, which details cars, is no longer in the Roberts building but is still in business. However, they do not have an official business location and they may be working from DeMotte this winter.  They are still on Facebook.

The building in which E-Zea started and which most recently was home to Paul's Auto Repair is now empty.

Terra's Creations and Moore is a new business open in the building that houses Big Dog on North McKinley Street. It has floral arrangements, antiques,  and other decorative items
Fenwick Farms Brewing has been busy remodeling the building next door.

 As for the bridge update, this past week the workers have been setting rebar on the forms. The picture below was taken mid-week. There is more green on the deck now.
Congratulations to the RCHS girls cross country team for qualifying for semi-state.