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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did you know?

The County Commissioners had another meeting on Monday. Usually they have only one meeting each month, but this month they continued their meeting from April 7 and reconvened it on the 21st. There were a number of items on the agenda of limited public interest. The main item, the item for which the meeting was continued, was to open bids for renting three pieces of farmland the county owns, identified as the airport property, the highway or county farm, and the jail property. There were five bids submitted, most in the $250 to $300 per acre range. I had no idea what farm land rented for. Did you know?
However, the most interesting bit from the meeting was at the end with a discussion of GIS data. The county is switching GIS providers this year but there is a company that wants GIS data and the question was who should provide them, one of the providers or the county itself. (Data are plural, as my dissertation advisor kept pointing out to me many years ago. Did you know that?) Why was this interesting? Because the company that wants the data is interested in putting a wind farm in the eastern part of the county, stretching into Pulaski County. The area that they are interested in is between SR 114 and SR 14 east of Pleasant Ridge. I had not heard anything about this project before, but apparently many people had. Did you know?
Entering and leaving the meeting I could not miss that absentee voting is taking place. Two ladies were sitting at the table when I left, and they told me that they had not been very busy.
I got sample ballets for my area. There is only one contested race regardless of whether you take the Republican or Democratic ballot, that for congressman. There is a challenger for Todd Rokita on the Republican ballot, and on the Democratic ballot there are four people who want to challenge him in November. The primary election will take place May 6th. Did you know?

Perhaps the biggest news on Tuesday, the thing that affected the most people, was that SR 114 was closed in two spots, at Brookside Park and east of Rensselaer near Talberts. In both places a culvert is being replaced. A lot of people were surprised by the closure--they did not know that the road had been closed. Did you know?
One reason cars and trucks kept driving up to the barricade was that there were no signs for traffic that was coming south on US 231 and then taking the shortcut to SR 114 via Cullen Street. There was nothing at the intersection of Cullen and Clark to tell them not to go west on Clark.

The picture above shows the machine that was removing asphalt from the road.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lots of stuff, 4-21-2014

Interests and obligations, some family related and some not, have been keeping me busy for the past few weeks and as a result I have not been spending much time on this blog. Last week I was out of town for a few days and missed both the city council meeting and the county council meeting--both looked interesting. When I got back to town I noticed that the outer shell of the Dollar General store was up.
The new store will have an entrance from Monroe Street as well as from Clark Street.

SR 114 is scheduled to be closed at Brookside Park this week and I see that at least one of the side streets now has a sign with a weight limit on it. If a truck goes past Airport Road heading east, there may be no good way to get around the blockage. I hope that the Interstate does not get blocked during construction. Traffic detouring through Rensselaer is not uncommon whenever there are problems on I-65, and those problems are not infrequent. (I-65 should be three lanes from Gary to Indianapolis.)

I hope that when they do the new culvert they put a generous shoulder on the road, one big enough to allow sidewalks. Right now the culvert is a pinch point for the road.

All the solar panels seem to be in place for the solar farm. The latest issue of the Municipal Power News said that this is one of three plants under construction this year, the others being at Frankfort and Richmond. The capacity of each will be one megawatt.
 I noticed that a new house is being constructed at the corner of LeAnn and Franklin. The slab for this house was in place last year. The house next to it, which was being built last year, is still for sale.
 Larry's Shoes celebrated fifty years in business with an Open House on Saturday. It was well attended.
The nice weather has had a lot of people out, many to the parks. The weather cooperated for Saturday's Easter Egg hunt at Brookside Park. Lots of kids were there.
I need to spend more time working on my garden. I am behind--I still have not planted stuff that should have been planted a week or two ago.

I had stopped watching the ice on the Great Lakes a few weeks ago when it started receding, but then I noticed that it was still in the news. I was surprised to see that even with all the warm weather we have had, the Great Lakes still have an ice cover of 35.8% for April 20. There have been some recent winters that have not had that much ice anytime during the winter.

I did not check the Walmart ice last week--I assume it is gone--but I did see the remnants of an ice pile in Schererville on Thursday.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Candle light vigil

On Friday evening a candle light vigil was held in front of the Court House to show support for the Chaganti family. Dr Chaganti and two of his children were killed in a horrible accident on I-65 on Monday night.
Several hundred people attended the vigil.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More postcards

The postcard exhibit continues at the Historical Society Museum. Here are a few more that are decorating the walls.

I wonder what the Hosier Limited was like.
 Do you know what is shown in this picture? The postcard makes it look a lot bigger than it seems in reality.
 There are several pictures of Saint Joseph's College on display including this of a short-lived gymnasium building.

 I do not know what the tall, three story building in this picture was. I think this was taken around 1900.

This is what Saint Joseph's College looked like a few years before I came to town. The old administration building burned a few years before I arrived.

This is a steam dredge of the type used to dredge and straighten the Iroquois River. It may be the actual dredge that did the straightening.