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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Some changes to start September

Devon's Restaurant served its last meals on Sunday. There had been rumors and items on Facebook indicating that it was closing, but I had not seen anything official so I did not say anything about it last week.

 But not it is official. Below is the sign in the door. A similar message is on their website.
 There are a lot of changes happening in the restaurant business. Royal Oak opened a month or two ago. Doggers opened a few weeks ago and now has proper window signs. Ayda's will be closing their present location at the end of this week and opening on the Court House Square next week. Slice of Pie has been closed for several weeks with a sign on the window saying they are on vacation. Sprigz has been listed by a large realty company for months, though I do not know if locals are supposed to know that. Yesteryears took over the food service at the golf course at the beginning of summer. I suspect I am missing other changes.
 I saw this sign several months ago and I do not think I posted it. If I did, I apologize for the repeat.
 The landscaping has been added to the decorative columns in front of the Front Street parking lot.
The really big change to start the month is the change in ownership of the hospital. What was Jasper County Hospital is now Franciscan Health Rensselaer. The website url is still the same (though I suspect it will eventually change) but the name on the home page has been updated. The Facebook page has also been updated. (And here is a picture of the new sign going up.)

The days are getting shorter but we have a few more days of hot, humid summer weather ahead of us.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tidbits 08-29-2015

This morning I went by the Cullen Street rail crossing, which seemed to be still closed on Friday. It is open now.

I noticed that some of the signage at the new E-zea Auto Center was missing. I asked and discovered that the business is moving a block south and will be in the Robert's Auto Center. The building that they are in is not ideal for washing cars and the new location should work better, especially in the winter.
 The Farmers Market was busy this morning. This is the time of the year when fruits and vegetables are producing in abundance. I noticed a bit more signage had been revealed on the old Hoover House building. It looks like Service Window. Adya's has announced their opening date--Sept 8.
I received a message about the former use of the building from a regular reader of this blog, "The Creamery was in business in 1947, Dr. Mackey's eye clinic was located in the south end of the building. I received my first pair of glasses in 1947 from him, wow I finally could see the words in my school books. My father took me to the Creamery for an ice cream sundae afterwards."

I noticed that the building next to the tire service on Front Street was being gutted. I do not think there have been businesses in there recently, though there may have been some apartments.
 A half a dozen soccer games were in progress this morning on the grounds of what was the Monnett School. There were several hundred people there. Some of the players were very young and the game seemed to consist of a pack of kids running after the ball and trying to kick it.
Swimming season may be over (the pool at Brookside Park has been drained) but the Remington splash pad will be open until Labor Day. The Remington Facebook page had some pictures that were taken from an aerial lift.

 On Friday I went to Monticello for the CDC Resources Fish Fry. On the way I noticed that a foundation has been set for the memorial (is that the right word?) for the Hanging Grove School. I also noticed the new addition to the Monon Connection / Whistle Stop, a red caboose. An article in the Monticello paper reported that the caboose had been in a railroad museum in Kentucky but was going to be destroyed because it was in very bad shape. It was restored largely by the maintenance director of West Central High School.
At the dinner I sat across from a crop adjuster who told me that he had been looking at some fields near Paar. One of them was evaluated at 13 bushels per acre and others at zero. I mentioned that the soybeans looked better than the corn. He said the plants looked good, but they were not setting as many pods as they should be setting. A lot of the corn is starting to turn brown, so harvesting is not too far away.

Have you noticed that the days are noticeably shorter. Where did August go?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

RR crossing@cullen

A crew was paving the Cullen Street railroad crossing this afternoon. CSX told the city that the road would be open on Friday and it looks like they will be right.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

City Council 08-24-2015

The meeting Monday night was short but had a lot of items. First up was a request from the Eagles to close part of Harrison on Sept 12 for a fish fry, part of the Little Cousin Jasper Festival. Next the block of Van Rensselaer in front of city hall was closed for Oktoberfest--apparently approval had already been given to close if for Little Cousin Jasper.

Approval was given to allow the utility office to keep up to $100 (from $50) in their cash drawers. (That change required a city ordinance.) An ordinance to increase salaries of city employees by 2% for 2016 was approved. The Council approved the bid of Grimmer Construction to install the water main from the fairgrounds to the I-65 intersection. The base bid was just a bit over $1 million. The pipe will be plastic rather than steel--apparently the road salt along highways corrodes steel water mains.

The Council approved, with one nay vote, the purchase of a new truck by the electrical department. It will cost $32,858 and will be purchased from Gutwein Motors. The Council also approved an upgrade to the city's website for $5250. The current one seems not to work well on mobile devices. It will be upgraded from V5 to V6 (and I have no idea what that means).

A list of streets that may be resurfaced has been completed and the council approved the advertising for street resurfacing. How many of the streets on the list will be resurfaced will depend on the bids. The contract between the city and TV Cable still has not been finalized by the attorneys. The mayor said that a letter from IMPA suggested that the city adopt a policy for net metering or what it will do if someone who installs solar panels or a windmill wants to sell surplus power to the city. That item will be addressed at a future meeting.

There is a conflict that complicates the line-up of the Little Cousin Jasper Parade. For the past few years the entries to the parade have assembled on the streets around what was the old Monnett School. However, this year there will be soccer games on the Monnett fields at the same time the parade should be lining up.  The police chief and Councilman Watson were given the task to figure out a solution.

Paving on the Cullen Street rail crossing should be done Wednesday or Thursday. By the end of the week the new road in the Drexel Industrial Park should be open.

The Council scheduled a special budget meeting for September 2 at 4:00. They need to cut $533 from the proposed budget.  There were concerns raised about engine braking in town. Weston Cemetery is almost finishing plotting 800 new lots in the north addition to the cemetery. The gas department continues to work on line extensions. On the 26th there will be a pre-bid meeting for the new storm water treatment plant.

All that and the meeting took less than forty minutes.