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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The End of Summer

The autumn equinox marks the end of summer, and it also marks one of the most colorful times of the year for the roadsides around Rensselaer. Here are a few pictures I snapped on two different days. If I had taken my camera on a third day, I would have gotten a whole lot more. But I left it at home.
I am not sure what this yellow, daisy-like flower is, but it is abundant in September. Desert Survivor always tells her readers what the plants are. I do not.
The same kind of flower, but in a closeup.

This yellow flower above is goldenrod. There is a lot of it along the roads, but it was about a week past its prime when I took this picture.
Pokeberry is a weed. I do not know if the berries are edible, but I suppose I could find out if I googled it. My daughter-in-law has some growing in her yard because she thinks it is pretty. When I get it, I yank it.
There is a lot of yellow along the roads, but not so much purple this time of year.
These little white flowers were not very impressive. I took the picture because they were the only white flowers I saw.

Autumn is the most colorful time of the year, and the colors start before the leaves start turning. The roadsides are full of beauty in September.


Sarah said...

Pokeberry is edible while it is young- the new growth shoots in the spring. The berries themselves are good for ink and dye. And the birds like them. I've read that the older plant is poisonous- if you consume it, the antidote is to drink lots of vinegar, and eat a pound of lard. Of course, I believe everything I read :). And pokeberry IS pretty :)

Sarah said...

BTW, I think your yellow flowers at the top are a type of sunflower, and the purple and white are asters. Beautiful photos! Thank you for the lovely post.