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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall colors II

Two weeks ago I wrote about about the sudden onset of fall colors. Most of the leaves that I had in pictures then have fallen, as have a lot of others. But the maples were very pretty this past weekend. I looked around town trying to find some attractive trees, and found the best ones in Weston Cemetery.

The leaves on the ground were as attractive as the leaves in the trees. This year seems to be a rather unspectacular display of leaf color.
Later in the day I rode out to St. Joe and found the ginko tree by the pond turning yellow. Once the leaves turn, ginkos drop their leaves very quickly.As I was leaving the the pond, I heard a crash. The wind had broken a branch from a tree, and that spooked a heron that has been spending a lot of time at the reflecting pond, probably feasting on the gold fish. (Go heron--eat those worthless fish.)
A week ago I traveled to Kentucky, expecting to find the leaves much greener as we went south. They were not. The trees looked pretty much the same the whole length of Indiana.
Correction: The ginko trees stay yellow for a while, but once they start dropping their leaves, the leaves drop very quickly.

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