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Saturday, October 11, 2008


We are a third of the way through October and almost all of the tree leaves are still green. However, I noticed that vines are changing color. I am pretty sure that the vines on the trees above are Virginia Creepers. I was not willing to walk through the tall weeds to be absolutely sure.
It may be that the vines on the trees were the plant above. Aren't they pretty? But if you know your vines, you know that this vine is not to be touched. It is poison ivy.
Here is a poor example of Virginia Creeper. It has five leaflets rather than three. It is harmless, at least to people, and probably to the trees as well.
Here is a final vine, morning glory, which is very pretty on the edges of the cornfield even though it is a noxious week. I dislike it intensely because I cannot eradicate it from my backyard.
Update: Today I noticed tjat some of the prettiest vine leaves around were on the vines growing on the side of my house.

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