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Friday, November 28, 2008

Funerary sculpture (Mt Calvary)

Mount Calvary Cemetery is Rensselaer's Catholic cemetery. Much smaller than Weston Cemetery, it is located about a miles south of Renssleaer. None of the monuments here is as impressive as the big monuments at Weston. Clearly the early elite of Rensselaer was not Catholic.

Mount Calvary has three sculptures that are not specific to a family plot. This is in contrast to Weston, which as a municipal cemetery is more limited in what sorts of sculpture it can erect and, perhaps as a result, has not put up any.

The central statue is of the crucifixion, a standard Catholic theme that is often (almost always? always?) present in Catholic cemeteries.
To the east is a somewhat stylized relief of Mary.
To the west a similar portrait of Joseph provides symmetry.

I could find only one marker that had real sculpture on it, and it was small. It shows the sacred heart of Jesus, a popular bit of Catholic iconography.

There are other interesting contrasts between Mount Calvary and Weston cemeteries, and I hope to be able to post on them in the future.

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