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Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping at the Saint Joseph's College Bookstore

There are some retail stores in strange spots in and around Rensselaer, and one of those in a strange spot is the Saint Joseph's College bookstore, which is in the back of Halleck Center. It is not a location that is likely to attract the casual shopper. Unless one intends to specifically go to the bookstore, one will not get there. Below is a picture through its window, which is on the hallway around the Halleck Center ball room. You might see the reflection of part of the mural that is painted on the walls around the ballroom reflecting in the window.
You would expect books in a bookstore, and like almost every other college bookstore in the country, the store stocks books that will be used in the classes held during the semester. One of the problems facing all college bookstores is the threat of the on-line book sellers. Both and, among others, usually will sell copies of textbooks cheaper than a college bookstore. Some students use these sources, but most still do not. It is easier and quicker to go to the bookstore.
The bookstore also caries a variety of school supply. It also sells some food and softdrinks, and to encourage people to buy them, it has a couple of tables with chairs for people to sit and enjoy them, as you can see in the first picture. However, more floor space is taken up with clothing and SJC paraphenalia than anything else.
I am not aware of any other place in town that one can buy SJC paraphernalia. If you want a SJC tee shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie, you have to visit the college bookstore.

The picture below is taken from the back of the store looking toward the front of the store.
Today students will be returning from spring break, and if they left pens or pencils at home, they may be heading over to the bookstore to replace them.

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