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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Black locust flowers

Blooming last week and this week is the black locust. I probably should have done this one before the tulip tree, since it seems to hit full flower a bit before the tulip tree. (Remember to look up at the tulip trees this week. They are blooming. If those flowers were bright red, they would be spectacular.) Though the individual flowers are samll, they come in bunches so they are quite noticeable.
This is the best time of the year to spot them, but I have not seen a lot, so they must not be widely planted. We seem to be a bit north of their native range. The one below is near Vine Street and Elza.
The more common locust tree seems to be the honey locust which has very unimpressive flowers that are almost ready to bloom.

I found the small tree or bush below out in the country. It looks like cherry, but I am not sure what kind. Could it be pin or fire cherry?
And for this week's obscure tree flower, here is a white pine. Do you think it is as attractive as the red pine?
In non-flowering news, the cottonwood trees have started shedding their seeds.

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