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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few more picture from bulk pickup

I showed a lot of pictures of last week's bulk pickup, but I have more, some taken after my post last week.

I thought I might call the picture of the picture below, "Art in the Alley." (Except that it was not in the alley--it was on the curb.)
Someone was pitching a piano. There was a sign, "Free," on it, and when I checked back before the caravan came, it was gone, hopefully to a good and loving home.Speaking of the caravan, here is a better shot of it than I had on my initial post.
The shot below is not as good, but it shows more vehicles--nine. You might have to click on it to get a larger version to count them all. The truck at the end had boxes, and I saw the guys throwing old paint cans into one of them. One of the trucks near the garbage truck was for scrap metal. The loader helped pick up branches for the truck that carried branches, and there was probably another for grass clippings. I suspect there was another vehicle for old tires.
There were even vehicles in the trash. Actually, I saw a number of little cars for kids on the curb, which probably means that they do not last very long.
The Rensselaer Republican announced that the police would be tagging vehicles that appeared to be abandoned, and I did find one that had a warning notice on its windshield.
Here it is below. I can see why it has the notice. I wonder what happened to it.

Update: According to the Rensselaer Republican (May 15, 2009), the city removed 209.67 tons of trash with 25 trips to the landfill, 45.5 tons of yard waste, 51.3 tons of brush, and 46 tires. In comparison, in 2008, there were 192.46 tons of trash, 12.79 tons of yard waste, 53.35 tons of brush, and 26 tires. Also, this year 39 loads of scrap metal were taken to Rensselaer Iron and Metal compared to 3 last year, and 28 appliances were picked up compared to only 5 last year. Apparently the city spent more time separating the scrap metal from the trash this year.

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