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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hail storm

This evening a thunderstorm interrupted what had been a sunny day, bringing with it a downpour and hail. After the rain had stopped and the sun had returned, this is what part of Weston Cemetery looked like.
The hail had collected on one side of the street in Brookside Park.

And the cold of the hail and the warm humid air combined to create mist over the soccer field in the park.
I would have enjoyed the hail, but I have a garden, and this is what my garden looked like. The bits of green by the flower pots are sweet potatoes, which are not tolerant of cold. We will see in a few days how they fare.
My puny little tomato plants took a beating, many of them losing half their leaves. We will see in a few days how serious the damage was to them as well.
Tomorrow is graduation day for the high school. Those with early parties had a bit more excitement than they wanted.


30-year-refugee said...

great pix of the hail!

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry about your puny garden as you call it. I am impressed. It will come back and thrive. Do you have varmints attack your produce?