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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping the booths at Jasper Junction

In February I went shopping at Jasper Junction, but at the time did not look at what was in the booth part of the store. If you are not familiar with Jasper Junction, you may need some explanation. The north half of the main building is rented out to vendors who fill their spaces with whatever merchandise they have. A lot of it could be classified as flea-market merchandise, and I hope that that description does not offend anyone. The booth area is very much like the Greene's Antique Mall (which I need to get to this summer and write about). In both cases, the store does the selling, but the merchandise is provided by others. It is not quite the same as a consignment store, which is the business model of Irene's.

As you look down one of the two aisles, you see a lot of stuff.
Old signs like this Todd sign are the kind of thing I expect to see. Was this a seed-corn company at one time? People collect things like this.
I suspect that the Marlboro clocks are also collected. There is also a lot of stuff that is not collected. This car will probably be bought as a toy for a child.
This train could also be a toy, but it may also be something that people would collect. It is in very good shape for a toy, and it looks older than the car above.
The ultimate in things usable are socks. I doubt if anyone collects them. Well, not intentionally as a collectible.
I thought this lamp was unusual. Would it work for a little girl's room? When I was growing up, we had a round lamp in which the heat of the bulb spun a cylinder. The picture on the outside of the lamp was of Niagara Falls, so it appeared that the falls was in motion. If I saw one in good shape, I would probably buy it. But the fairy lamp presented no such temptation.
The last few times I have looked through the booths, there was a lamp that was made of deer hooves. I did not see it this time. If it had been there, I would have included a picture.

I do not know what this figurine is supposed to be.
There were a number of Indian figurines.
And there were at least as many figurines of death.
Is this cat the feline equivalent of the dogs playing poker?
I am too old to know much about the character below, but I do talk to parents who have young kids so I know it is Sponge Bob Square Pants.
I do not think these are really figurines. I think there are whiskey bottles.
Below is a meat grinder. My mother used to have one of these. I do not recall exactly what we ground up, but we used it quite a bit.
I have some antlers that I found in Nevada. Maybe I should buy the deer head and put them on it.
I have saved the best for last--amphibians with mammary glands.
Jasper Junction is a fun place to browse. It is too bad that it is six miles north of town or else I would stop by more often.

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