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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shopping the town-wide garage sale (2 of 3)

The town-wide yard sale took place on Saturday, May 2 and I visited many (though probably not most) of the sales. Today I want to show you some of the fun things you could have purchased if you had been with me.

I thought this bed was very pretty. It is probably a double bed, and today no one wants double beds. Queen size seems to be the minimum acceptable size.What would town-wide garage sale day be in Rensselaer without some NASCAR goodies?
This sale had a nice assortment of prom dresses.
At some of the sales people wondered why I was taking pictures, and if they asked, I told them to google Rensselaer Adventures. At one sale I met people who said they not only read my blog, but also that of Desert Survivor. I am always a bit startled when I meet people who say that they read my blog.

The truck below was only $500. The most expensive item I saw was a pop-up camper for $2500.
I wonder if anyone bought the foosball table for $200.
Is that bike below a moped or a motorcycle or a scooter? Whatever it was, it was for sale for $500 and there seemed to be someone interested in buying it.
Below is one of several artificial fireplaces I saw.
The canoe was only $200.
I guess those are fantasy figurines in the photo below. I do not know what the audience is, except that I am not part of it.
Maybe the photo below should be in part 3, which will be called, What is that?" It will have the items that I thought were the most unusual or that I could not identify.


30-year-refugee said...

i can understand the thrill of watching cars race fast around a track, but i will never get the obsession w/ nascar. it's not entirely different than people worshiping peyton manning, or walter payton, as i did growing up. but there's something different about nascar fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is good stuff. I can easily see why it generates local readership. I feel fortunate and grateful that you link to my Waymarking blog and Flickr set of Rensselaer.

- Elle

Sheila said...

Did you find the Frankenstein near Van Elementary? I think our old janitor, Jack, used that as a Halloween decoration one year (he LOVED decorating for Halloween, something I really don't get into, but it was fun).

Dessert Survivor said...

The Frankenstein was on Vine.