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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tin roof

As the weather has gotten nicer, I have seen more people re-roofing their houses. I have also noticed a number of houses in Rensselaer that have abandoned shingles and gone to metal roofs. Below is a picture of two houses with metal roofs, and there is another done the block from them.

Metal roofs do not have to be drab--they can be quite colorful, as this red roof shows.Below is another red roof, but considerably bigger.
There are two or three green roofs that I have noticed.
Most of the houses with metal roofs are newer, but below is an older house with a steeply-pitched roof that is metal.The primary reason I notice metal roofs is that several years ago the roof on my ancient shed began to leak again. It has a fairly flat roof, and I was told the first time that I put a roof on it that I should not use shingles but rather roll roofing. But even that did not last, so I decided to try a metal roof.
This is about as big a roofing project as I am willint to attempt. The roof was not too high and it was flat, so my acrophobia did not kick in. And there was no need to cut the roofing into careful shapes.
Last time I checked, metal roofs cost considerably more than shingle roofs, but they are supposed to last a lot longer. They seem to be pretty standard on commercial buildings.

And speaking of roofs, SJC has been getting a new roof on the new addition to the field house.
The original roof was not installed properly, and there was leakage in the seam where the old roof met the new roof. The leakage damaged the insulation, so the solution was to take up the existing roof and do it again.

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