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Friday, September 25, 2009


We have had an unusual number of bats in the house this summer. Here is one of them that I evicted.
I wish I knew how they get in so I could plug up the hole.

They do eat bugs, so they are our friends. But not when they are in the house.

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jeffsgal212 said...

My daughter and I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago. Living 2 blocks from you, we are no strangers to bats either. Upon opening the front door at the end of the school/work day, I notice a bat swooping around the living room. I am also not friends with bats. At. All. I jerk us both BACK out the front door, and stood there contemplating my options (one of which was calling my husband frantically on his cell phone - but got no answer).I thought, "I'll just leave the front door open until Dracula flies out." But the dog was standing there, just inside the door, ready to make a break for Hwy 114. So a trip around the house to the back door, to grab the dog's leash and holler for him to "get back here NOW," and we were good to go with the leaving-the-front-door-open trick. And it worked. After about half an hour. He probably flew to your house. My apologies.