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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Music in the park

Saturday was a very busy day around Rensselaer. SJC had its homecoming (expect several posts about that), and there were also a number of events and activities in town. The library had their 3rd Annual Perennial Plant Exchange. I took in some Egyptian walking onions and took home some mums. Fellowship of Living Hope and several others sponsored a Music-in-the-Park event that was not too well attended, but had decent music. It was interesting hearing familiar religious lyrics with very different rhythms and melodies.
Of course they had the mandatory kiddie inflatables.
Also in the park was staging point for the Poker Run and Fundraiser Ride for Birthright sponsored by a group of Christian motorcycle riders. A poker run, for those who do not know these things, has the riders stop at a number of stops (five would work well). At each stop they pull a card from a deck of cards and record the card. When they get back, the rider with the best poker hand wins something, probably a prize that some sponsor donated to the cause.

(I did not know what a poker run was until yesterday.)

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