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Friday, October 9, 2009

A friendly chat

When I saw the FedEx and UPS delivery trucks parked next to each other behind Walgreens, I had to stop for a picture. Then I noticed that the two drivers were talking to each other. I wonder what they had to say.
If the USPS truck had also been there, it would have really been a great picture. Instead I think the vehicle that is visible between them is a garbage truck. I suppose that is where most of the stuff that gets delivered ultimately goes.

After writing the text above, I searched my folder of deliverance pictures for any other pairings, hoping to find something like Coke and Pepsi trucks, or Miller Beer and Budweiser. The best I could find were beer and milk
and milk and Coke.
(Why all these truck pictures? Because they illustrate how Rensselaer is tied to the larger economy. Without them, life as we enjoy it would not be possible.)

Update: Here are pictures of another UPS truck, with a story that says something about the economy.

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Anonymous said...

There is an economics lesson in everything if you look at it through the right eyes.