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Monday, October 19, 2009

More signs of fall

Sunday morning Rensselaer had its first significant frost. It burned off quickly in the rising sun, but it destroyed a lot of frost sensitive garden plants.
Certain surfaces seem to attract frost. Metal roofs were dripping early in the morning as their frost thawed. On Scott Street some railroad crossing ties had frost on their tops. (I do not know if these are left over from the summer repairs, or if there are still some repairs to be done. On the Scott Street crossing the maintenance of way crews did not redo the side track crossings and they are in poor shape.)
The change of seasons keeps the park workers busy. Last week they hauled away the round tables at the LaRue pool.
The picnic shelters at Brookside park are down to one trash can per shelter. It is a bit depressing to watch the disappearance of the cans in the fall because it means that people are no longer using the park. On the other hand, we only have to wait about six months for the reappearance of the cans in the springs that heralds the return of activity.

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