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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There ought to be an app for that

Here is thoroughly Modern Millie Lisa in the SJC library working on a computer but at the same time texting someone on a cell phone. A bit before I had seen a girl listening to music on her iPod Touch while simultaneously texting someone with her cell phone. For today's students, one computer at a time is not enough.
Why isn't there an application for the computer that lets you text to a cell phone? There should be. The world of the cell phone and the Internet world should be united, not separate.


Millie said...

You really should contact the people in charge of the Iphone and have them find a way to connect a keyboard to both an Iphone and a computer and so someone could text and write a paper at the same time. It'd sure make it a lot easier. The commercial could say:

"Need to be able to multitask by typing a paper and text at the same time? There's an app for that." Lol.

Anonymous said...

There are several websites out there that allow you to txt to a cell phone?

reMark said...

Technically to text to someone's phone from the computer, all you need to know is their number and what carrier they are on.

Use your email program of choice and email it to their number. They will receive it on their phone. Here is a list of the formats for common carriers in northern indiana.

US Cellular PhoneNumber @
AT&T Wireless PhoneNumber @
Alltel PhoneNumber @
Verizon Wireless PhoneNumber @
Centennial Wireless PhoneNumber @
PhoneNumber @
Sprint PhoneNumber @

Although the beauty of text messaging is the fact that you can be in communication with anyone when you are practically anywhere- unless you pastime is spent like desert survivor's.