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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frozen treats and summer dreams

On Wednesday a truck was delivering frozen treats to the convenience store at the Family Express. How could I pass up the opportunity to take a picture of that on a day when the high of the day was below 20 degrees?

However, I found hope and change at the SJC baseball field. Workmen were finishing up the installation of a new scoreboard.
A few minutes after I took this picture they lowered the lift because they were finished doing whatever they needed to do with it. 
The old scoreboard shows it age when you get up close. 
Baseball is a major sport at SJC. There are a lot of baseball players and they are dedicated to the sport. The new sign reminds us that it will only be a few months and baseball games will be underway at the Gil Hodges field. Sure we may have eight or ten weeks of cold, dark winter weather ahead of us, but after that we will be seeing spring starting to arrive. Think of the new baseball scoreboard as the first sign of spring.

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Jake said...

That's a great pic of the old and new scoreboard. I might try and talk you into a copy of it if that's possible.