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Monday, January 11, 2010

Joe Burvan plaque

Near the north entrance to the high school is a tree with a dedication plaque.

The plaque reads:
Dedicated to the memory of Coach Joe Burvan from the 1977-78 undefeated football team, coaching staff, and family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful picture of the tree planted in Joe's memory. I was there the day it was dedicated and am happy to see that it has grown into a strong and healthy piece of nature. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and flourish just as the students that walk by it every day. Judy Burvan

Anonymous said...

There are just people we will always miss. He is one of them. I am glad to know about the tribute.

Anonymous said...

I was a member of the '77-'78 Undefeated football team that helped organize this plaque in honor of beloved coach Burvan. Coach Tom Ryan suggested that we plant a tree along the path that Coach always walked on his way to work each day as a PE teacher. He would park his VW bug as close as possible and would stroll along this path. He was great. Still miss him. Ned Tonner