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Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo stew for February

I have lots of photos that are mildly interesting but that do not seem to deserve a post of their own. So maybe if I mix them all together they will make a photo stew that will be filling enough to serve.

The sun is moving north. One morning the clouds were not too thin and not too thick, but just right to allow a picture of it through the tree branches.
The snows come and melt. After one of the heavier snowfalls, the snow piles at the College Avenue Mall were tall enough to hide the parking lot from the street.
The Christmas decorations have been removed from the Washington Street Bridge, but the old planters are still there from summer, and they remain decorative.
Next to the Melville Street bridge, water from the quarry enters the river. Someone has spent a lot of effort arranging rocks here. I would have enjoyed doing that when I was younger. Maybe I still would enjoy it--trying to control running water is fascinating.
A city crew was trimming trees along Milroy recently. I could not figure out why--the branches they were trimming did not seem to be a danger to the power line.
Other city workers were repairing the roof on old pump house number one. It looked as if there had been some leakage through the roof that had rotted some of the wood. (Is there anything that a backhoe cannot do?)
Do not forget--this Wednesday the city gas utility has an open house at their new building by the Amshak station. The hours are 11 to 5.

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