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Monday, March 15, 2010

Als Transmission and Small Motors

If you look carefully on this commercial building on Abigail north of Clark, you can make out a sign beneath the latest coat of paint. It says "Als Transmission Small Motors." I have lived near here for over thirty years, and I do not know the history of this building.
Do any of you know anything about Al's ransmission and Small Motors?

Update: The business currently operating from this location is Pride Electric. The owner bought out Bill Valade's electric business. Another Valade, a nephew, has his own electrical business.

Rensselaer natives tell me that this was once the home to Duncan Trucking.


Ed said...

Pretty sure they were operating (maybe not as Al's) back in the 1980's.

Anonymous said...

This was owned and operated by Joe Rowen, who had a construction and roofing company that he ran for years. I'm not sure who Al is, but my brother Greg worked for Joe out of this location. He spent several years pouring concrete in Joe's house mostly in the basement. Greg said that it is the safest house in Rensselaer for a nuclear holocaust. Joe was recently featured in Campbell's history magazine. Ned