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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dimmit House, Morocco

If you stop at the intersection of 114 and US 41 near Morocco, you should see a couple of large buildings west of the US 41. One is the building that used to be Intec, and south of it is the Newton County Government Center. Behind the government center is a little pond and an old log cabin, the Dimmit House.
When I spent a morning volunteering at the Nature Conservancy, there was a brief mention of it, and that it had been discovered inside another structure, which happened quite a bit with old buildings. I searched for it in the Newton County: Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory, but it did not give as much information as I wanted:
The Dimmit House showcases log construction techniques with hewn logs dovetailed at the ends and clinking between logs.
From the other side you can see a large stone chimney, and in the background the former Intec building and the Government Center.
There are no historical plaques near the building to provide additional information. Like the Quick Cabin at the Jasper County Fair Grounds, this is not the original site of this structure. It had been disassembled and then put back together.
It was open, but there was little inside. There was a stairs up to a balcony.
From there you could look down on the reconstructed fireplace, which did not look old.
If you know more about this building and its history, feel free to tell what you know in the comments.

Also, this is on the Facebook page of Friends of the Sands:
Friends of the Sands  Right now, the forecast is calling for sunshine! Join us Tuesday, March 30th, at 5pm at the Newton County Govt Center cabin as we clean up last year's planting - then move to the Morocco Library to spruce things up there too. And then on Saturday, April 3rd, we'll be at the Newton County fairgrounds at 3pm to trim bac...k dead vegetation and clean up the native plant walkway.


Anonymous said...

what happened to Intec?


Anonymous said...

I was curious about the inside of this cabin. It is a lovely piece of history saved. It looks to be in remarkable shape. The Quick cabin at the Fairgrounds has some rot in the timbers that will be replaces by fair time. ja