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Monday, March 22, 2010

Downtown Remington

It has been several months since I wrote about Remington, noting that its downtown was laid out along the railroad. I meant to write a bit more about the old buildings in the downtown, but other things kept coming up.

Old pictures of downtown Remington show buildings along both sides of Ohio Street, but those on the east side have been replaced with more recent structures. The west side of the street, however, still has some of the original buildings. The Jasper County Interim Report lists all four of the buildings in this picture. The two story building is an Italianate built around 1895. Next to it is a commercial building from about 1920, then the Bowman building, a parapet-front commercial building from 1918, and finally a commercial building from about 1895.
The Bowman building has a stained-glass window in front with the word "Bowman" on it.
There are three buildings along South Railroad Street that are listed in the Interim Report. I think they are the white two story building with the bay window, the other tall building a bit further down the block, and then the brick building next to it.
Below is a better view of the third building, which the Interim Report likes best of the Remington downtown buildings. It was built about a century ago, and the Report says, "This small parapet-front commercial building has retained its original storefront windows and transom of leaded prism glass." It is rated as "notable."

Nothing on North Railroad Street makes the Interim Report, though some of them look old.
I liked this building because it has such an obvious false front. I wonder why it did not rate a mention.
Downtown Remington has about the same amount of activity as downtown Wolcott, but the old buildings that remain in Remington are not nearly as interesting or as impressive as those in Wolcott.

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