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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter Egg Hunt in Brookside Park entertained kids and adults on Saturday. The kids were divided into four age groups. Here those three and under are waiting for the start.

The little ones sometimes get a bit of help from their parents.

The next group was the three to five year olds. They still need some help, though usually the parents just point to the eggs and tell the child to pick them up. That is probably pretty similar to what happens at home with toys strewn all over the floor. After the first group, the other groups were scheduled at fifteen minute intervals. However, no group took more than two minutes to clear their field. (Those toys never get picked up that fast, do they?)
Unlike last year, no one in this group got started early.

This years egg hunt was sponsored by the Lions Club and the Rensselaer Republican. (One of the parents said that they had been to an earlier egg hunt at Walmart.) Below is one of the Rensselaer Republican's reporters taking pictures. They will probably have a nice article on the event today (Monday).

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