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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Middle school art show

17th Regional Middle Level Art Exhibition is on display in Core Building Lobby at Saint Joseph's College until April 6. This bit of "sculpture" is done with various bits of pasta that are glued onto the paper and spray painted with gold paint. This picture was on the cover of the program for the show.
The schools represented were Demotte Christian, Kankakee Valley Intermediate, North White Middle, South Newton Middle, Rensselaer Central Middle, Van Rensselaer Elementary, Tri-County Intermediate, and Tri-County Middle Schools.

The theme for some of the pictures below was falling in space.
The color scheme and drawing style of this picture, which got a nice award, reminds me of illustrations in children's books. I wonder if that was also its inspiration.
I have a soft spot for tesselations, even when they are not especially creative.
When the first home computers arrived in the 1970 or early 1980s, programming graphics was a matter of filling out grids just as this assignment required. I am not sure that anyone does that any more--computer graphics have come a long way since those days.
These baskets stood out because they were among the very few items that were not pictures.

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