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Thursday, March 11, 2010


What do you do when you have filled your house or apartment with so much stuff that there are only narrow walkways through the rooms? What do you do when your stuff is piled so high that you live in fear of a junk avalanche burying you? You could throw away some of what you have, or else you could rent a storage unit or locker. Rensselaer has several places that rent these units. A small one is on Vine Street next to Columbia Park.
A larger complex with four storage buildings is further west on Vine.
The same people who own this one also own Rensselaer's largest storage facility, which is located on North McKinley. It is set back from the road so it is easy to pass by without noticing it.
The most recent building offering storage units is on Cullen north of the Amtrak station. It opened just a few years ago.
Checking to see if I missed anything, I looked in the telephone book and found that White's advertised storage lockers. This seems to be what they have. I thought that they were selling storage sheds, and had not realized that they were renting them.
Twenty years ago when I worked the census, I found one house out in the country that had filled several old cars with stuff. I suspect that there are a lot of undistinguished little buildings around Rensselaer that are full of stuff. And it might be a good idea to be storing things in inconspicuous places because there have been burglaries from some of the places pictured above.

I did not count how many units were for rent in the buildings pictured above, but clearly a lot of people have a lot of stuff.

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reMark said...

I heard on This American Life from NPR that there is enough square footage in storage facilities for every person in the United States to stand in one. That is a lot of space for stuff.