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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tennis court fence update

In mid December I had a post about the damage done to the tennis court fencing at Saint Joseph's College.  Part of it had collapsed, perhaps due to a strong wind, and then the rest had been pushed over by the maintenance crews at SJC.

In February the lawn crew found time to demolish the old fence, or all of it except the easternmost part of it. I asked what they would do with it, and they said that it would be going to the scrap yard.
With no fence around the courts, the view of the field house and the recreation center was quite different.
Coming back from the midsemester break, the students found that new fence poles had been put into place.

The next day several workers were putting fencing onto the framework of poles. The company doing the work was R&T Fencing from Akron, Indiana, which is east a bit past Rochester, Indiana. The company specializes in fencing, but is not so specialized that it only does one or two kinds of fences. The fellow I talked to said that they would do any kind of fence.
I thought it was interesting how they did the doors or gates in the fence. They first installed the entire fence, and then they removed the fence from where the doors would be placed, and installed the pre-made doors.
The next day the door was in place and the workers were finishing up some loose ends.
The final bit was to install what I guess is a some netting to reduce the wind on the courts. It was fastened to the fence with plastic clips, but the high wind last week snapped some of them and left the netting flapping in the breeze.

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