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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Windfarm update

Going to and coming back from Indianapolis in the past couple weeks, I was astounded at how many new windmills are going up in White County near Brookston. Part of the Meadow Lake Wind Farm, they extend from near the southern border of White County almost to the interchange with US 231, a stretch of about eight miles. Below you can see a row of towers that need another section and that have the blades of the windmill on the ground next to the towers.
Here is a closer look at an uncompleted tower. These pictures were taken from the car in heavy traffic, so they leave a lot to be desired. Even a good set of pictures would have a hard time capturing the scale of this windfarm--it is enormous.
There were even several new towers being constructed west of I-65.

I have not been over to see the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, but it may be even bigger.

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