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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd Annual Mustang Roundup

The second annual Mustang Roundup on Sunday, June 13, had over 60 cars registered and was about three times as big as the last year's event.
There were a lot of people looking at cars and socializing. I visited with several people I know as I searched for interesting cars to photograph, such as this one below.
This blue Mustang has customized doors and is locally owned.
The organizers made an effort to contact area Mustang enthusiasts, and had people attending from Indianapolis and Illinois. I met a former student (who I did not remember, but he was a student back in the 1980s) who had come from either Saint John or Crown Point.

Rein Borntrager of Reinforcements Design was selling tee-shirts and exhibiting this strange looking Mustang. I wonder what year it was.
The sign said that the car below was a 1949 Cobra Special "Big Car", raced with MVARA, built by Ed Arter and restored by Scott Hermanson 2007-2010. I do not know what most of that means. On the right of the picture you can see one of two Mustangs used by the State Police that was at the event.
Someone got to take pictures from the bucket. They probably are much, much better than what I have.
At 5:00 a parade (which was a bit like a tiny Cruise Night) was scheduled, but it was moved up to 4:30 because of approaching rain. I did not stay for it, but on my way home I saw it. Unfortunately I did not have my camera ready at the appropriate time and missed a shot I wanted. There were two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders at the event, and they rode in the back of one of the Mustangs for the parade. By the time I got my camera out and ready, all I could get was the shot of them below riding off into the distance.
Mustang Roundup is one of several local group that needs a simple web page. I helped the Jasper County Historical Society get started on this one, and if any other local group wants a little help (little is a key word--I will assist, but will not do the work), contact me. You can do a simple one for free, it is fairly simple, and once you get a few people to link to it, it should appear on google searches.

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Thank you for the lead in for the Jasper County Historical Society. The Society needs to add more information.