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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Excel Air Services

The manager of the Jasper County Airport, John Sjaardema, is also head of a small company, Excel-Air Services, that  provides a variety of airport services. The company offers flight instruction and also maintains and repairs small planes. Much of their work is done in the maintenance building shown below.
On the day of the open house, there were seven planes parked in this building, but according to their excellent web site, it can hold up to twelve.
Excel specializes in Grumman aircraft and according to Sjaardema is considered among experts in this field, servicing this type of plane from around the Midwest. He said they were currently refurbishing one that had come from Arkansas, and when it was completed, it would go to a new owner in Wyoming. In turn they would get the old plane from the person in Wyoming and refurbish it. The plane below is a Grumman.
The Jasper County Airport is a busier place than I realized.

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