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Monday, June 7, 2010

An old atlas

In the process of sorting through my office junk, I found an old 1933  Century of Progress Atlas of the World. It had maps of the states, but as was common in old atlases, it showed railroads rather than highways. Below is our little corner of Indiana.

The future must have looked pretty bright for Morocco and Fair Oaks--each had two railroads. Where is Zadoc? I cannot find it on current maps. Both of the railroads through them have been gone for at least fifty years. Poor DeMotte does not even make this map.

History has been especially cruel to North Judson and La Crosse, which had multiple lines through them on this map. For a modern map, see here (it is a pdf that is rather large).

The atlas also had populations, probably from the 1930 census. Rensselaer had 2798, Morocco had 1005. The largest cities in Indiana were Indianapolis (364161), Fort Wayne (114946), South Bend (104193), Evansville (102249), and Gary (100426).


Anonymous said...

Zadoc seems to be near/at where Knimen is located.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I believe it might be spelled Kniman.