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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A plaque at Lake Banet

If you ever get out to Lake Banet Park, you might notice a little area west of the beach that is mostly enclosed with some hedges. In it are two benches, a rock, and a plaque.
The rock has the inscription: "Your best is always good enough" Diane Margaret Jennings.
The plaque reads:
This Park Is Dedicated In The Memory Of DIANE McMAHON JENNINGS (Dr, of Humane Letters Honoris Causa) As Wife, Mother, Teacher, and Counsellor Her Favorite Advice: Your Best Is Always Good Enough" (9-1-35 7-21-95)
Most of the plaques I see around Rensselaer are for people I never knew. This one is an exception. Diane was a gracious person with a lot of charisma. She and her husband, Bill, lived in College Woods, so she was a frequent visitor to Lake Banet. Their children made a mark in the local school system during the 1970s and 1980s; few people who went through high school during those years would have missed them.


Sheila said...

I just discovered this little spot last year while running. I miss Mrs. Jennings. What a sweet lady she was!

Jasper County Historical Society said...

What a lovely tribute. Well done!