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Monday, June 28, 2010

Things I missed

On Wednesday night the storm broke a branch near my home and took out my Internet connection. By the time it was fixed on Friday, I was out of town for a family event.One thing I missed as a result was the Taste of Rensselaer. How was it?

When I got back and checked my e-mail, I found two messages of other things I missed. The first was a week old. (I say on the right that I do not check this e-mail every day.)
Hi....thought you may be interested in knowing the High School Rodeo is at the south end of the Jasper Co. fairgrounds today, and I believe tomorrow...
I had seen some stuff about it but did not have time to follow up. There was also some kind of horse shoe out there this past weekend.

The second was something I had not heard about:
Did you see the tents behind (on west side) of ConAgra?   I guess the CEO will be here either tomorrow or Saturday to do the first ever address to the employees from an actual plant.  Also they are having the Marshall Tucker Band to preform. 
Thought you would like to know.

I did get a picture of the tent on Sunday night.
Feel free to comment on these events or on any other things I have missed recently.

Update: Something else I missed: the floor of the new park shelter has been poured and the electrical work is partially finished.

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