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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A weird story from the pool

On Tuesday as we were leaving the pool in Brookside Park, the pool director was busy tending to a little girl who had injured her arm on the playground during the 15 minutes of adult swim. About half an hour later I heard an ambulance going to Brookside Park. So today I asked the pool director if the ambulance had  been for the little girl. She said it was not. Some time after I left a kid had climbed out of the pool down near the diving board without using the ladder. He or she got his or her knee stuck in the drain that runs around the entire pool. (If you are familiar with the LaRue Pool, this should make sense, and if you are not, it may not make sense.) The staff tried for 15 minutes to unstick the knee, using lotion as a lubricant, but to no avail. So they called the ambulance, and the medics used some kind of gel to unstick the stuck knee. No one associated with the pool could recall that any kid had ever gotten a knee stuck in this way. Tuesday was an unusual day at the pool.

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