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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is it?

I have been cleaning my office, recycling a huge amount of paper. I did not think I had any of these bits of cardboard anymore, but I found a few. (I used to have boxes of them.) I asked two people under 30 if they knew what they were, and neither did. If you are under 40, have you ever seen these used?
I presume anyone over 45 knows these pretty well.


Sheila said...

I haven't seen them used (I'm under 40), but know what they punch cards! Glad I missed that experience!

Anonymous said...

My computer program crashed, it had a hanging chad!

ed feicht said...

This brings back memories of Fr. Bierberg's bible history classes where we used these cards for quizzes every friday. This was before CORE so the classes were held in the auditorium w/ about 150 students in each class.
There were A and B quizzes in alternating seats so there was no peeking! It made grading easy for Fr. Rudy!! This was in '67-'68

Rachel Pulver said...

old version of scantron cards for quizzes/tests.