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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where does the wind come from?

Every time I go by the windmills along I-65 I am amazed at how quickly they are being constructed and how many there are. Last weekend they were almost a mile further north than they had been the last time I drove through them, and now are approaching the rest stop. You can see mile-marker 195 in the picture, and they extend all the way to mile-market 184.
Which brings me to a story I heard third-hand. A person I know was in Fowler a while back and had a conversation with a state cop. The cop had been patrolling SR 55 and found a car in front of him weaving back and forth. It was the middle of the day and he thought that it was a tad early to be so drunk. He pulled the woman over and asked her why she was driving so erratically. She was unaware that she was doing it as she was mesmerized by the windmills. She told the cop, "So THAT'S where the wind comes from!" He didn't have the heart to give her a ticket.

I wonder if she was from Chicago.

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Sheila said...

HaHa! Thanks for the chuckle!