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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Continuing construction at the hospital

It has been about a month since we visited the construction at the hospital. At that time a crane was lifting I-beams into place.

A couple weeks ago the cement trucks were back pouring cement for the floor that the I-beams supported. The workers used a long extension to take the cement from the truck to the spot on the floor that needed concrete.
Below you can see the pour from another angle. The concrete goes into the truck which pumps it out into the long tube or hose.
About a week ago I found a bunch of workers laying concrete blocks to form a wall. I thought the workers looked a bit like defenders of a fortress.
Yesterday they were still working on the concrete wall. The lift delivers the blocks. It seems that there will be a more decorative finish to the wall because there are supports for another layer. Whatever will be inside apparently does not need windows.

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