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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final Tuesday night farmers' market

The weather is still summer-like, but the calendar says that fall is approaching. The pool is closed, school is in session, Friday night football has returned, and the last of the Tuesday night farmers' markets is now history. There was a good attendance because the Newton-Jasper Community Band played.
If you missed this performance, you can catch them at the Little Cousin Jasper Festival. They are scheduled for Sunday at 12:30.
This year they completed their concert. Last year they had did not.

The court house looked really great--the shadows were just right to highlight the texture of the building. In front of the court house, the Alliance Bank was giving away popcorn. Thanks, Alliance.
There was a decent crowd there, and I talked to several people who I had not seen recently. Plus, I met Little Indiana. It is rather funny that we live less than a mile from each other and have communicated a number of times via the Internet, but had not met face to face before. Even in a little city like Rensselaer, most of the people are strangers to one another.

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