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Friday, October 29, 2010

The big wind

Yesterday I was astonished to see the fence around the track at Saint Joseph's College and had to stop and take pictures.
The high winds that we had a couple of days ago had blown the corn debris from the field to the west across Sparling and onto the fence. It is hard to capture wind with a camera, but sometimes you can see the effects of the wind, and this was quite dramatic.
Once the fence was filled with corn husks and leaves, the area behind the fence was protected from the wind, so it also filled in with stuff blowing from the field.
I do not think there was much damage locally from the winds. In the wake of the system that passed through, we are getting the first serious frost. I spend parts of the last two days gathering in the last of the tomatoes and digging up sweet potatoes. (In the process, I dug up one of my garden toads--I covered it back up and hope it survives the winter.)


Anonymous said...

Great photo!

Ed said...

Awesome pics