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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun at the rummage sale

On Friday I spent much of the day at the St. Augustine rummage sale. As always with these sales, there was a lot clothing--table after table piled high.
Below you can see just some of the womens shoes.
There were not as many toys as there have been in some past years. The kids who come to the sale love this area and they totally trash it.
Sometime during the day the Santa doing the splits and the super cool snowman sold.
One of the fun things about any rummage sale is finding the strange, odd objects that have been brought in. Can you identify the object below? (Answer at the end.)
Someone dropped off some patches that I think were from the summer swim team 38 and 33 years ago, back when the Kennys and Jennings and Verbrugges populated the team. For most of the early years of the conference, Rensselaer dominated the league. The other object is a spaghetti measure. With it you can determine how much spaghetti you need to cook.
I would not have figured out what this was if the identity had not been on it.
It is a nut cracker. You press the handle and the little pocket in the front gets smaller. Eventually you should crack the nut when the little pocket gets small enough.

I never did figure out what the object below was, and neither did the half dozen other people who I asked about it. It had the label Chef'n. When you squeezed the handles, a little tab protruded in the front.
Did you guess door knocker for the bronze golf club thing? That is what it is.

And the last picture looks like some of the pepper or salt grinders that are on the Chef'n webpage.

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Anonymous said...

I did not get to the rummage sale, so thanks for taking us there.