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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I went hunting this week and bagged a big one. I wonder where the best place is to have the carcass processed. Is Brook the best, or Monon? I thought I saw that the Remington Locker Plant is open again. Would they handle it? I would do it myself but I have not been able to get instructions from the Internet abut how to field dress a moose mouse,. Any recommendations for a taxidermist? I think this big guy deserves a special place of honor over the fireplace. In the national parks they refer to critters like this as "charismatic megafauna."
(Apologies to anyone who finds this post offensive.)


Anonymous said...

Could have done without that picture this morning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for using a quick death trap, instead of glue, poison, or cat.

Ed said...

I hear it tastes like chicken