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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

Although the weather was a bit chilly, Rensselaer's Oktoberfest got off to a great start on Saturday. There were several food vendors. The Eagles were under the blue tent, and behind them was Clauss Bakery. You can also see the beer tent with a good crowd.

At the other end of the enclosure were tents for the City Office and Pub, Willow Switch, and the Dog House.
The early entertainment was provided by the Ocktubas, a group that seems only to play this event.
Later in the evening, the band Sucker Punch began to play.
I had a guest, Betty, who was not too interested in the sandwich and potatoes from Clauss Bakery.
A bit later she entertained herself with bubbles. The organizers tried to make the event kid-friendly. In fact the whole event seemed to be very well organized.
Everything was going well when ten minutes of rain interrupted the event. The band stopped playing and covered their electronics and most of the people sought shelter under the food tents,

The warming fires did not do much to help. It was probably little consolation that the wet bricks on the street reflected the street lights in an interesting way
I, too, took shelter under the tents. You can see the photographer from the Republican with her camera. One of the pictures she took was in the paper on Monday. You can see me--I am the one who has a camera in front of his face, taking a picture of the photographer.
We got an unexpected phone call and left the festival shortly after the rain let up, so I do not know if things got better or if the rain put a damper on the whole event.

By the way, the MainStreet web page at no longer has content on it but is parked.

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