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Monday, November 22, 2010

Another busy weekend

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday the Bomber football team set out for Fort Wayne and a repeat meeting with Bishop Luers High School. They got a firetruck escort through town before they headed east, where they finished their season. They had a great year, losing only to a team that next week will defend their state title.
The merchants had a "Rocking Rensselaer" promotion but I was too busy with other things to see much of it. In the business news, the Ritz is now operating under new ownership. I saw by a flier that the local Subway is also under new ownership. I stopped by the old J&L Antiques and Things to see the preview for an auction that will be held soon. And I noticed that Curves is moving again.
Going through town late on Saturday afternoon, I saw a sight that you probably would not see in Chicago. I was told that we are in the shotgun part of the deer hunt.
And a new house or duplex is under construction in the new subdivision along Sparling.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I do wish people would buy the many older homes that are available in town.