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Monday, November 29, 2010

A bridge arrives

An article in Saturday's Rensselaer Republican said that the parts of the bridge that will link Weston Cemetery and Bicentennial Park would be delivered today, and they were right. This afternoon a long flatbed truck with several pieces of the bridge were unloaded south of the river.
Below is the last piece being unloaded.
If the bridge reminds you of a truck trailer, that should not be a surprise because it was manufactured by Talbert, which makes truck trailers.
I hope I will be able to catch some of the assembly when it takes place.

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Anonymous said...

That truss seems to be massive overkill for pedestrians. Obesity in America isn't THAT bad of a problem.

Or is vehicular traffic going to be allowed? Why would you need lots of steel I-beams to carry a few hundred pounds? Or did they design it for the largest number of people who could physically fit on the bridge simultaneously?