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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early shopping

Until last week I never have had a chance to try out the cute shopping carts at Strack and Van Til with a little kid. They are fun==this little girl liked the cart a lot, and was quite happy to drive the cart all over the store. It sure makes shopping better when the little ones are happy instead of whining.
For somewhat older kids, the store has these small, kid-sized carts. One mother gave each of her two kids a small cart and filled them with her shopping. She did not bother with a big cart and the kids were kept busy helping.
On the topic of shopping, on the way to the store I noticed that the space that was once the Doghouse behind Jordan Floral is now being converted into a beauty shop, Foxy's Hair Salon. (I once thought I should try to catalog all the beauty shops and salons in Rensselaer, and decided it would be too much work. There are a lot, they change constantly, and some are small and are part-time.)

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Desert Survivor said...

Kid shopping carts make shopping so much easier!