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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Men at heights (part 109)

Yesterday I noticed a man at heights, and if you have read this blog for a while, you know that I always stop for men at heights. Watching workers high above the ground attracts me like a new restaurant attracts Little Indiana. (By the way, did you see her post on the new Rensselaer restaurant, Jamie's Cafe and Banquets?)

The worker was covering up the old  McDonald's ad with something new.
The billboard comes as folded sections of paper that are unfolded and put in place. I do not know what kind of adhesive is used, but the worker did not seem to be applying anything. He just lined up each piece, unfolded it, and smoothed it. It was a quick process.
You can see the Burkhart name on the bottom of the billboard. According to the Burkhart website, Gutwein Motors is paying $468 to have their sign here for the next four weeks. (How did we ever get by without all the information that is readily available on the Internet?) And if you want a machine like the one that probably produced this sign, you can buy it from Burkhart for $8,000.

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RoadRunner1117 said...

Pretty cool! I've wondered how all that worked! Thanks!