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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More bridge news

Work continued today on the foot bridge the will cross the Iroquois River from Weston Cemetery to Bicentennial Park. The span is 92 feet, and three of the pieces that had been delivered were fastened together to form that span. The workers used some very big wrenches.

The long span will be lifted by a crane, and this afternoon a crane came to Bicentennial Park. It was an old crane--I have not seen one this old for quite a while. It did not have a boom that telescopes. The boom of this old fellow had to be assembled.

The workers were not only tightening bolts, but were welding the sections as well.

One of the sections that had been unloaded at Bicentennial Park was supposed to be positioned in Weston Cemetery, so it was loaded back onto a truck and taken across the river, where city workers took it from the truck.

Maybe tomorrow they will put the main span in place, and maybe I will be lucky enough to get some pictures.

I would have posted more pictures today and given you more details, but my Internet connection at home is not working, and I am doing this from the Jasper County Library. Expect more pictures when Internet connectivity gets back to normal.


RoadRunner1117 said...

Yay! I can't wait for the new bridge to be done! New running routes!

Hannon said...

It's June 16 and the bridge is up but signs are posted "No Trespassing". What's the problem?