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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some SJC happenings

SJC had a couple of concerts in the past few weeks. On November 7, the choir had its fall concert in the Chapel.
They have a new director this year and I like his style. However, no one has stepped up to the role of super soprano that was filled for the past few years by several very talented women.
On November 14th a jazz concert had two parts. The first was the vocal jazz ensemble.
That was followed by the jazz band under the direction of Paul Geraci. They have a lot of very good saxophonists.
There were not many band shows at football games because there were not many home games this fall. The band looked very good for the last home game.
Speaking of football, a couple of students who I saw in many classes won conference honors. Congratulations especially to Andy Adamiec and Wes Schroder, first team defense and offensive lineman of the year, respectively.

Also a cultural note, the senior art show is on display in the Core Building Lobby for another couple of weeks. This painting reminded me of this site, which I found when I was looking for things on the Internet appropriate for a two-year old. (She was not as impressed with it as I was.)
By the way, the mystery photo from a few weeks is just a few feet from this painting. The corner stone is on the right of the central entrance to the Core Building lobby. I think it was from the old administration building that burned a year or two before I arrived in Rensselaer, but that is just a guess.

(When I was on the SJC website to get a link for this post, I noticed that they were highlighting their bloggers.)

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