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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1

December 1 arrived with our first snow, which the wind distributed unevenly so that it does not cover the ground. It looks cold.

My Internet connection was repaired last night. I was impressed that the repair man arrived after supper. I thought that the problem would be in the box attached to the house, but it was a problem at the connection on the telephone pole. The people who do the maintenance have been busy with some project over in Winamac.

Did you see Dirty Jobs last night? Mike Rowe was at Purdue learning about forensic entomology. It was one of the funniest episodes ever. There is a SJC connection--the girl who helped him through the bugs is a SJC graduate.

Finally, the Fendig Gallery has an interesting show/sale of the work of an area artist, Patricia Jallo Smolen, who recently died. She had a lot of variety in her paintings, and also a lot of color. The proceeds from the sale will help the Prairie Art Council's programs. I would be tempted to buy one but I have more pictures than I can hang. You can get some idea of the variety and overall style from the pictures below.

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Anonymous said...

There is just a free will donation for the paintings of $25 or more. A great value!