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Monday, January 17, 2011

Facebook and winter ramblings

I have added some Facebook links on the right. There is a lot of news that gets reported on Facebook, and these are sites that I have found useful. I have not included businesses that are using Facebook--should I? (Maybe Fair Oaks Farms qualifies as a business.)  What other area Facebook pages should I have found? Is there anything from Francesville, Medaryville, or Demotte?

I know that I do a poor job with the Rensselaer Adventures Facebook page. I probably do not post enough, but I think that is better than posting too much. What do you think? Some people take to Facebook naturally and some of us do not--I am in the latter group.

I have been trying to find a good weather picture and so far have not. I am ready for clear streets and a bit of warmer weather. However, Sunday afternoon I got a reminder that we have mild winters when a cousin who lives in North Dakota called. He said that they were having a real winter this year. I lived in central Minnesota for a number of years when I was young, and the winters there were much colder than any Indiana winter we have had. However, our cold Minnesota winters were not as severe as the North Dakota winters. Their real winter is four feet of snow on the ground, constant wind, and zero-degree temperatures as highs. The people there are worried that when their snow finally melts (which will be after I have started planting next summer's garden), they will have flooding.

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Capouch said...

Medaryville has a Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=217143003061